The Legendary Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is Returning

Ford is working on the most powerful Mustang model that has ever been created, and it's bringing back a truly beloved nameplate to do so...

Listen to that ferocious sound of the engine below. The legendary Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is returning!

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Servicing Your Ford This Summer is Straightforward & Stress-Free here in Saint Cloud!

At Kisselback Ford, we always do everything that we possibly we can in order to enhance the convenience of our cherished customers throughout the Sunshine State. And this goes far beyond selling brand-new Ford models and offering a wide range of affordable pre-owned vehicles to shoppers...

In addition to selling cars, our dealership is also home to a top-notch Ford service department that will always keep your beloved car driving safely for many miles to come down the road!

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See Ford Explorer's Design Highlights

The Explorer is Ford's flagship SUV, and the popular model offers three rows of seating and other excellent design features. Let's examine of those together.

In Explorer's third row, you can quickly create cargo space with the available PowerFold seats. When you press this system's convenient button, the seats will fold into Explorer's cabin floor and leave a flat cargo area. Later, to return Explorer's passenger capacity to seven people, simply press the button again. If you enjoy the style and social admiration, then Explorer's Signature Lighting package suits you.

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Read About the Superior Performance Features That Come With the 2018 Ford C-Max

Are you in the market for a compact hybrid? If you are, then you should consider the 2018 Ford C-Max. The new hybrid crossover comes with numerous features that include performance capability that make it among the best in its class. Here are a few performance features that are included with the 2018 hybrid.

The 2018 C-Max comes with a Regenerative Braking System and Brake Coach. With these systems, maximum energy is recovered from the engine during and after braking, which provides superior braking capabilities.

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Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid: Saves You Green

The Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid saves you green in many ways. It helps keep the environment green and helps save you green at the gas tank. Let’s see what this technology can do for you.

The Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid has three different modes. You can choose all gas, all electric, or a combination of both. Even in all electric mode, it will use a gasoline assist, but only when needed. You can also choose to save plug-in power to use later. With the MyFordMobile App and, you can monitor and schedule charging from almost anywhere. With…

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What's Your Favorite 2018 Ford Fiesta Feature?

Are you looking for a sporty compact hatchback that's powerful, well-designed, and full of features? The 2018 Ford Fiesta offers great styling and interior features that make driving fun. Once you get on the road in a Ford Fiesta, you might not want to come home.

Keep your eyes on the road with the 7-inch Multiview Driver Information Digital Cluster Display. This innovative dash information system lets you know your speed and engine RPM. It puts directions, song, and artist details right between the speedometer and tachometer, so you can stay safe when using your navigation equipment.


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Leasing a New Ford in Saint Cloud is a Great Idea

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Leasing your favorite 2018 Ford model is an excellent way to get behind the wheel of that car you've been dreaming of, without having to part ways with a great deal of the hard-earned savings you have in your bank account.

The clear advantages and compelling benefits of a lease can be easily summarized into three words. Affordability, variety and flexibility.

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