Trading Your Certified Ford for a New Vehicle

Things to Know if you are Interested in Trading in your Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle for a New Ford

You made the wise choice to buy a certified used Ford, and have loved enjoying all of the advantages of driving a Ford while paying a very competitive price for it. However, the time has now come when you feel that you would like to become an owner of a new Ford, along with all of the awesome performance abilities, high-tech features and enhanced styling that these models possess. And that new car smell of course.

We have received many questions and inquiries from drivers who have a certified pre-owned Ford, and wish to trade it in for a new model here at Kisselback Ford. There are certainly many compelling benefits to do so for our customers throughout the Saint Cloud, Orlando, Kissimmee, Vero Beach and Rockledge areas in the state of Florida. To help automotive shoppers determine if this course of action is right for them and to help them make an informative purchasing decision, we encourage you to explore the information provided on this page. You will find some key factors below that are indeed in your best interest to consider in regards to making the jump from a certified used model to a new Ford.


How Can I Discover the Value of My Current Certified Pre-Owned Ford?

This is the logical first step to address when you begin this process. You will be pleased to learn that our dealership offers an incredibly helpful online tool to present you with an accurate estimate of the current market value of your car, SUV or pickup truck. Since you have a certified used Ford that is still in pristine condition, you can count on receiving a surprisingly appealing trade-in value for it. Thanks to the extensive inspection that was completed as well as the comprehensive warranty that are both included with the purchase of a Ford certified pre-owned vehicle, the money that you can obtain by trading it in can definitely make buying a new model well within your budget.

All you have to do is enter a basic description regarding the condition and any additional equipment of your Ford, along with your basic contact information. Immediately the estimated value will be presented, and you will have taken a big step in your vehicle-purchasing process.

Should I Lease My New Ford or Take Out a Loan?

This is also a great question, and one that we get actually quite often here at Kisselback Ford. There are good arguments to be made for both, which we have clearly listed to assist those who are trying to decide which is the best route for them to take.

Leasing Benefits

  • You will make attractive monthly payments that are typically more affordable than loan payments, depending on the down payment at the beginning of the lease
  • At the end of the lease, you have the flexibility to either renew the lease for the same automobile, begin a new lease for a different model of your choosing, purchase it outright or simply return the leased automobile to our dealership
  • Through leasing, you can drive a variety of new models every few years or so, while simultaneously avoiding depreciation when you drive off the lot

Benefits of an Auto Loan

  • With a loan, you can also avoid purchasing outright by making monthly payments until the automobile is paid off
  • Once you do so, the vehicle becomes entirely yours and you are completely free to do with it however you please
  • There are no end-of-term mile restrictions or any other obligations to worry about that you may have with a lease

Which New Ford Model is Right For Me?

Now we have reached the fun part- deciding which new Ford car, truck or SUV is best for you! Kisselback Ford is home to an extensive selection of the latest and most desirable models, including popular options like the Ford Focus and Fusion sedans, the Ford F-150 and F-250 pickups, as well as the Ford Escape, Edge, Explorer and Expedition SUVs.

Depending on the current model of your certified automobile, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade within your body style. For example, Ford Focus owners may want to consider the new Fusion or Taurus, which offer an enhanced performance, amenities and technology. Likewise, trading in a certified Escape for a new Explorer is certainly well within reach. And truck-enthusiasts should upgrade from the F-150 to the SuperDuty F-250, with amazing capacities and payload. For those truly seeking an incredible amount of power under the hood, you cannot go wrong with the Ford Mustang.

If you are not sure of which model will best suit your driving preferences and lifestyle, the team of knowledgeable and friendly Ford sales professionals are happy to help, ready and waiting to show off our impressive showroom. They are more than capable of finding the right Ford that will exceed your expectations! And to take advantage of some great deals and enjoy fantastic savings, check out the available incentives and special prices that we offer right here in Saint Cloud.

Talk to an Expert to Learn More

If you'd like to discuss any of your options about trading in a certified used Ford for a new one with an expert, please call us or visit our facilities at Kisselback Ford whenever you get a chance. We'll make your experience as convenient, hassle-free and fun as possible.